Brawl Weekend

Andreas Bäckström

Magic Brawl Weekend 
26:e Oktober

Incheckning 10.00 - 10.30
Spelstart 10.45

Gratis att delta, 6 Promoboosters i prispotten. 2 till ettan, 1 till tvåan-fyran och två lottas ut

Format: Brawl
Brawl weekend kommer spelas som en mot en turnering

  • 60-card decks
  • All cards must be Standard-legal
  • No more than 1 of a given card (except basic land)
  • 1 "commander"—a legendary creature or planeswalker that begins in the command zone and returns to it any time it leaves the battlefield
  • Any mana symbol that appears on a given card must also appear on your commander
  • Players in one-on-one get one free Mulligan
  • Players start with 25 life


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